Customer Engagement

Fostering customer engagement is vital in establishing long-lasting connections with clients. My tenure at Payless saw a strong emphasis on social marketing and local influencer programs, aimed at creating a truly engaging experience for our consumers. We made a significant investment in our social marketing budget, increasing it by 40%, and implemented online-only promotions such as exclusive discounts and rewards to attract engagement. Our goal was to achieve a 70% annual growth in our fan base, which we exceeded in just six months, resulting in Payless becoming the #2 retail Facebook page in Latin America with over 5 million followers. By actively engaging with our customers, we were able to cultivate a devoted and loyal fan base, resulting in increased sales and growth for the brand.

Don't make the world wait. Brand campaign.

Brand Campaign

“Don’t Make the World Wait” is a comprehensive brand campaign that aligns with the Kansas State University’s values and supports our strategic enrollment management initiative. This university-wide campaign seamlessly integrates across all units, including our four campuses, for a cohesive brand image and supports our mission to serve local and global communities through our land-grant efforts.

Omnichannel Marketing

A complete campaign is greater than the sum of its parts.

Companies should continuously adapt their marketing strategy to provide a seamless experience for consumers. By tracking the customer’s journey throughout the entire funnel, engagement can be increased. By taking a targeted approach and maintaining consistency in messaging, brand loyalty is strengthened and consumers are reached in a more personalized manner.

Emotional Connections

For years, Payless Latin America had been positioned as a functional brand, focusing on value, without a personal connection to the consumer. Thus, we shifted our strategy towards fostering the emotional relationship between Payless and our customers. Our goal was to connect the community with the Payless brand through fresh and interesting content. After all, when talking about shoes, over half of consumers express love as their main sentiment. We tripled our investment in television and lifestyle imagery. This transition resulted in the biggest sales volume Payless Latin America had ever seen.

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